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General Resources Hinduism
Baha'i Islam
Buddhism Judaism
Confucianism Taoism
Earth Based Zoroastrianism
Please note: We are proud of the Baptist heritage of religious tolerance and non-coercion in matters of faith.

We also value accurate and respectful information about other faiths, so that we do not misrepresent them. Finally, we acknowledge that in today’s pluralistic world, people often experience parts of multiple faith traditions as a gift in their spiritual journey.

Some interfaith resources are included below, to facilitate this bold openness.

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International Sacred Texts Archive
Concordances for Several Religious Writings
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Baha'i Sacred Writings
Buddhism Return to top
Dhammapada – The Wisdom of Buddha
Tipitaka – The Pali Canon
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The Analects
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The Eddas
Native American
Mayan Date Calculator
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The Bhagavad Gita
The Ramayana
The Upanishads
The Vedas
The Rig Veda (a new translation)
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Several Translations of the Qur'an
An American Translation of the Qur'an
Gregorian-Hijiri Date Calculator
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Tanakh – The Holy Scriptures
Torah – The Law
Bereshit – Genesis
Shemot – Exodus
Vayikra – Leviticus
Bamidbar – Numbers
Devarim – Deuteronomy
Neviim – The Prophets
Ketuvim – The Writings
Talmud – Selections
Jewish Calendar Calculator
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Tao-Te Ching
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