CoVID19 update: Grace Baptist Church moved our ministry online as of March 17, 2020. Click here for a list of online opportunities. Connect with us on Facebook for the latest updates.

We are so glad you’ve found Grace Baptist Church! For more than 30 years, Grace has been a welcoming, warm, and inclusive community of faith on Chicago’s north side.

When I tell people I pastor a Baptist church that is welcoming and affirming of LGBTQ folks, I usually get a puzzled response. I believe, however, that Grace is one of the most Baptist communities I’ve ever encountered. We hold to the historic Baptist principles of soul freedom, Bible freedom, church freedom, and religious freedom. At Grace, you’ll find a rainbow of beliefs and faith backgrounds. We are united by our love for God and for each other, and our desire to follow the example and teaching of Jesus. Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome here!

– Rev. Liz Jones, Pastor

Grace is a Christ-centered community calling all people, as partners, to practice the transforming Good News of God’s Grace.


We’re committed to teaching about Christ’s life and to equipping people to work out their relationship to the Risen Christ. We don’t teach or expect doctrinal conformity about Christ or about other aspects of traditional Christian doctrine.


We are committed to being actively and joyfully involved in one another’s lives, and to share with one another in the blessings and struggles of the life of faith. Prayer for and with each other is at the center of our community life.

Calling All People as Partners

All people are equally loved and equally called to discipleship. Though we have many different gifts and callings, our worship, fellowship and mission activities model that all of us are in some way partners in the task.

We believe that all have been invited to follow the Way of Jesus. We are committed to fully welcoming all people who cross our path on this journey. We provide a place of welcome in particular for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer Christians and straight allies who desire this diversity in their church family.

To Practice the Transforming Good News of God’s Grace

We teach about God’s welcome and unconditional love made known in Jesus Christ, and that this Good News can truly TRANSFORM us from fearful and broken people into generous and loving people. We PRACTICE this Good News by striving above all to be welcoming and loving to one another, sharpening each other as we study and play and worship together. We rest in the mysterious power of God’s love and the certainty that God’s understanding and acceptance can never be earned or boxed-in, only accepted as a free gift.

There is space for you here!